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Radhika Dutt, a TiE Challenge winner, is co-founder and CEO of Likelii, a company that is a combination of Pandora and Amazon for wines. She received both her graduate and undergraduate degrees... Read More
Rob Mancabelli, a fellow of TiE-Boston's SLP program is co-founder and CEO of BrightBytes, a company that makes a SAAS-based data analytics platform that links technology use in schools to... Read More
Vithal Deshpande, Member of TiE-Boston, is Director at Shashwat Eco Solution Foundation. He has been involved with TiE for the past 8 years and is volunteering as co-chair of the Social Enterprise... Read More
Sushil Tuli, Charter Member of TiE-Boston, is President & CEO of Leader Bank. He has been involved with TiE since it first started and recently joined TiE-Boston’s Board of Directors.... Read More
Computing and the Law Raising Capital: Where to Find It, How to Secure It, and Tips on What to Avoid Brian M. Gaff, Richard N. Kimball, and Jill M. Hanson Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP The seventh... Read More
Charter Member Mike Grandinetti spoke at TEDxMontreal this past May on creativity and entrepreneurship. He is currently Managing Director at Southboro Capital. Mike is also a professor at... Read More
TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TyE) is a TiE-Boston initiative that aims to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. This program introduces entrepreneurship and business to high school students... Read More
TiE-Boston was awarded the "Best Contribution to Youth Entrepreneurship" Award at the TiE Global Retreat last week in Lisbon. This award recognizes the chapter that is fostering and driving... Read More
Ian Lamont, Co-founder & CEO of Invantory, one of the 20 TiE Challenge Finalists wrote this piece on his experience with TiE Challenge and TiECON East. To view the original post, click... Read More
Hon. Kapil Sibal, Minister of Communications and Information Technology in India met with TiE Leadership at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, DC on June 11, 2012 for a roundtable... Read More