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Vianka Perez-Belyea and Tavinder Phull are the co-founders of Rhoost, a company that makes design-savvy products that help keep kids safe. They started the company three and a half years ago after... Read More
Last week, it was announced that TiE Angels Boston invested in Maxwell Health, a platform that simplifies employee benefits. The company raised $2 million in Series A funding with Tribeca Venture... Read More
TiE-Boston launched its 9th session of the TyE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) program on September 14, 2013 in Cambridge, MA with over 100 students and parents in attendance. Once again, there was record... Read More
For the seventh consecutive year, the TiE Social Entrepreneurs Special Interest Group will be hosting Forum for Social Entrepreneurs or ForSE 2013 - “Rethinking the Power of the Community... Read More
Shan Nair, Charter Member of TiE-Boston, is Co-founder of Nair & Co., a global integrated solutions provider helping companies expand internationally. His company was recently acquired by HG... Read More
Dear Friends, The TiE Challenge program is in full swing with monthly dinner meetings and active advising taking place. We are happy to report that the 2013 companies are remarkable in their... Read More
Dear TiE friends: Please mark November 7 on your calendars for the TiE Annual Gala. Among the highlights of this year’s event, we will celebrate the work and life of Amar Bose. We are also... Read More
Arumugham (Ragoo) Raghunathan, member of TiE-Boston, is Senior  Business Development Executive at Horizon Discovery, a UK translational genomics company developing and supplying patient-relevant... Read More
Minhaj Chowdhury is the co-founder of Drinkwell, a clean water social enterprise tackling the arsenic water crisis - largest mass poisoning in human history affecting over 200 million people... Read More
TiE Boston is pleased to announce that its angel group, TiE Angels Boston, has invested in Maxwell Health, a platform that simplifies employee benefits. The company recently raised $2 million in... Read More