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TiE-Boston is pleased to announce the launch of TiE-Challenge 2014, a start-up accelerator program where entrepreneurs accelerate entrepreneurs. In its third year, TiE Challenge is looking to expand... Read More
40 high school students in New England received hands-on experience in becoming entrepreneurs at the TyE program (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) which started in September last year. This program... Read More
TiE-Boston held its Annual VC Outlook Dinner on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at the Microsoft NERD Center. This was the second year that the annual event was held in Cambridge and the turnout was great... Read More
The TiE Challenge Accelerator Program had a great second year. Applications opened in February at the Annual VC Outlook Dinner and the program received over 100 applications again. A screening... Read More
TiE-Boston congratulates Al Kapoor on being elected the Vice Chairman of TiE Global. Al Kapoor served as President of TiE-Boston from 2008 to 2011 before being elected to the TiE Global Board of... Read More
Sanjay Jain, Charter Member of TiE-Boston, is co-founder of Copiun, an innovator in secure mobile collaboration, which was acquired by Good Technology last year. He is the Chair of TiECON East 2014.... Read More
Murali Iyer, member of TiE-Boston and a TiE Challenge Winner, is Founder of ZeeCalendar, an app that allows you to create events, meetings and appointments with anyone or a group with just their... Read More
Dear TiE Friends, Last week was TiE-Boston’s Annual Investor Outlook Dinner. It was a fantastic, sold-out event with over 150 attendees and featured a panel of VCs from the area. The panel was... Read More
Dear Friends, The global nature of TiE becomes real when we have visitors from other TiE chapters visit us. This January we had an opportunity to host Venktesh (Venk) Shukla, President of TiE... Read More
As the TyE Class of 2014 passes the mid-year mark of the program, we want to mark the progress of the 40 students participating in this year's program. Since September, the students have covered... Read More