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TiE Angels is an angel investment group of Charter Members from the New England area. The mission of TiE-Boston is to foster entrepreneurship through Networking, Mentoring and Education. TiE plays a critical role in bringing together investors, entrepreneurs, service providers and public organizations to create an eco-system that fosters the genesis of great companies. TiE-Boston is launching TiE Angels to provide entrepreneurs and start-ups with much needed seed capital and the support that they need to get to the next level.

The membership of TiE Angels is from our vibrant group of Charter Members. Our Charter Members are successful entrepreneurs in their areas of expertise and have both the desire and the capital to foster and support entrepreneurship in the New England area. The experience and mentoring ability these members bring to the table will be an invaluable asset to aspiring entrepreneurs that are looking to validate their ideas and create value. TiE Angels also provides our Charter Members a unique opportunity to collaborate in the investment process and expand their networks. At this stage the investments made by our members is not through a fund. While the members work collaboratively on the investment process, they make individual investment decisions under common valuation and terms.

The investment process is lead by a Steering Committee composed of TiE-Boston charter members. The team manages the sourcing, screening, helping with due diligence, and closing the deals. The due diligence and completion of the deal is lead by a Member who is the Lead Investor. The mission of the Steering Committee is to provide the members with the best opportunities and the entrepreneurs the most serious investors in this process. Let’s begin.

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